Kalavanti Durg Fort


Panvel is one of the cities in the district Raigad. It is also called the gate of Raigad because Panvel is the first city when entering in Raigad from east. It is also one of the most populous and developed cities in the district. Panvel is situated on the banks of the Gadhi river which flows and connects all the way to the Arabian sea. It is also surrounded by hills on two sides.

Panvel (also known as Panwell by the British) is about 300 years old, developed around trade routes (both land and sea), during the Mughal rule and hence after by the Marathas, British and the Portuguese. Once upon a time Panvel was famous for its rice market. Panvel Municipal Council (PMC) was established in the year 1852, and was the oldest municipal council of Maharashtra, before the formation of Panvel Municipal Corporation. Panvel Municipal Council's elections started in the year 1910.

There is a fort in Panvel called as kalavanti Durg. this is a main tourist attraction in rainy season. Destination Wedding In Panvel.

Panvel Location - 1

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